aTalent Management

People-centric talent management suite that supports employee engagement and contribution throughout the employee lifecycle.

What is people-focused talent management?

aTalent Management Suite focuses on people, putting employees and their needs at the center and those people in the driver’s seat to navigate their own careers.

aTalent has rethought talent management with a vision for today and tomorrow to meet the needs of your employees – from baby boomers to Generation X employees, Millennials and Gen Z’ ers entering the growing workforce – to maximise engagement, participation and collaboration throughout the employee lifecycle.

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Talent Management Suite

aTalent Management is an end-to-end integrated, people-centric Talent Management suite that empowers employees to contribute to their company’s success by putting them at the heart of the business. The solution equips employees to reach their career and business goals in their everyday work. A full suite with some great modules:


Our recruitment solutions are suited to global, complex organisations that need to tailor their recruitment approach locally. Highly configurable, you can design your desired workflows per position, per organisation, per department, location and more to satisfy your unique needs. Whether you are hiring full time or part time staff or managing a contingent workforce, we can meet your needs.

Our recruiting solutions are mobile optimised so your hiring managers, recruiters, and candidates can manage their activities on the go. Over 1,300 customers globally trust our recruitment solutions to hire the best talent.

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With flexible workflows, you can ensure your hiring managers and recruiters can manage the administration aspect of your onboarding process after a new hire has accepted a job offer. The focus is on creating an effective onboarding experience to fully prepare your new hire and accelerate their time to productivity.

atalent talent management module2 onboarding


Performance management needs to be tailored to your unique processes. Multi-lingual, browser-based access encourages employee uptake, regardless of location. You can implement a flexible, intuitive review process which is simple for line managers to administer and increases employee engagement.

Plus, you can collect and track 360 degree feedback via multi-sourced, confidential assessments from sources including colleagues, subordinates, partners and customers. You can also align individual employee, team and manager goals to organisational goals to ensure business success.

atalent talent management module3 Performance


Our Learning solutions enables formal, informal and social learning across devices – tablets, PCs, smartphones, whatever is best for the learner and best for you. Learners enjoy a personalised learner portal for different types of learners, around their needs and your business needs.

The learning content we deliver is of the highest quality – up to date, relevant, interactive where necessary to ensure learners stay engaged. We provide both bespoke and on-demand learning content.

atalent talent management module 4 Learning


We ensure your future talent needs are anticipated and met. We help you with strategic planning, looking at the current skills of your workforce, aligning those to organisational needs and goals, and highlighting where the gaps are.

We help you address any skills gaps, manage your internal and external talent pools and help find future leaders. Just as important as finding talent is knowing how to develop the talent you have or will soon have and identifying opportunities for internal mobility.

atalent talent management module 5 succession


With our compensation module, you and your line managers and finance can work together to create an effective compensation management strategy that covers base salary, bonuses, incentive schemes and company benefits and compares well with industry benchmarks.

Our solution is easy to use, flexible and transparent and seamlessly links to performance so you can motivate your workforce the right way.

atalent talent management module 6 compensation


Informed workforce decision making is only possible by access to robust talent data. aTalent delivers analytics that enable you to monitor and report across all talent modules. You can benefit from hundreds of standard reports and also create your custom reports to meet regulatory and organisational requirements.

atalent talent management module 7 analytics

Trusted By These Companies

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"It has been 6 years since we started working with aTalent. aTalent solutions have enabled us to uncover our employee’s potential and achieve strategic HR planning."
Zane Liu Senior Manager, Human Resource Information System, BMW
"aTalent's implementation was brilliant and their project management was exceptional — it really surpassed our speed and implementation expectations."
Gina Yue Head of Talent, Leadership Development and Learning, IHG
"We have had fantastic feedback from candidates. aTalent helped us to engage with candidates and really drive a positive experience."
Walter Chen Head of Strategic Staffing, Metlife
"aTalent helped up to build our corporate university online, maximized potential of more than 60,000 APP talents globally."
Helen Wang Head of Learning, APP Global
"aTalent solutions provided us with visible and reliable talent data, helped us to realize talent decision driven by talent data."
Kaine Williams Head of Culture & People, Woolworths Asia
"Hey, I’m E-von. I won Gold at the HR Excellent Awards 2019. But I can’t take credit for that. It’s the great human chemistry between Evonik, Maximum and aTalent that won it."
E-von Personal Careers Assistant, Evonik
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